USMA Cadet Care

USMA Cadet Sick Call

Mologne Cadet Health Clinic SICK CALL is occurring at Building 606. 

Sick call will be conducted in-person from 0600 to 0630.

Alternatively, USMA Cadets can book an appointment within 24-48 hours at 845-938-7992; 0700-1530, Monday-Friday for routine and non-urgent matters.

Cadet Sick Call at 0600-0630 Monday-Friday

This is for all cadets feeling ill and feeling unable to attend class/training that day.

Specific health issues may be addressed in alternate locations:
  • Musculoskeletal - Arvin Gym
  • Dental Sick Call - Keller Army Community Hospital
  • Optometry (eye issues) - Keller Army Community Hospital
  • Radiology (xrays) - Keller Army Community Hospital  
Over the counter medications are available at the Keller Army Community Hospital Pharmacy - 0800-1700, Monday-Friday. 


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