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Provide safe, quality, evidence-based dental care to ensure the sustained readiness of the Service members and cadets in our care. 


After EVERY encounter, people feel they received outstanding care and service.

Dental Health Activity (DENTAC)
United States Military Academy
West Point, New York

DENTAC Command Corner

Welcome to the DENTAC at the West Point Military Reservation!  The Soldiers and Civilians who make up our organization are dedicated to providing safe, quality dental care to the USMA Cadets, USMAPS Cadet Candidates and the Active Duty Service members at West Point and the surrounding area.
The DENTAC consists of a headquarters (HQ) element and two dental treatment facilities. The HQ is co-located with the Saunders Dental Treatment Facility in building 606 and the oral and maxillofacial surgery team is located in building 900, within Keller Army Community Hospital (KACH).
If you are joining the DENTAC USMA team, you will receive a welcome packet and have a sponsor to help with your transition. If this does not occur, please contact our human resources assistant at 845-938-7770 during normal duty hours for assistance.
I encourage you to browse the West Point Garrison and the United States Military Academy websites for additional information about living and being at West Point. On behalf of the Soldiers and Civilians of the DENTAC…welcome to beautiful West Point!
Craig R. Freccero
Lieutenant Colonel, Dental Corps

What is Dental Readiness?

Dental Readiness is determined by how much or what type of dental treatment you need or may require. This is broken down into four dental readiness categories:
  • Dental Readiness Class 1 (DRC 1) -- Congratulations! Administratively, your dental record is current and all of your dental treatment is complete. Make sure to schedule a dental exam every 12 months.  If you aren’t sure when you had your last dental exam, log into your MEDPROS to find out.
  • Dental Readiness Class 2 (DRC 2) -- Your record is administratively current, but you have dental conditions for which we strongly recommend you schedule routine care (crowns, fillings, etc.). These conditions are unlikely to result in a dental emergency within 12 months.
  • Dental Readiness Class 3 (DRC 3) -- You need our help and immediate attention! You require treatment to correct dental conditions that are likely to cause a dental emergency within 12 months. Examples of such include large cavities that need fillings, root canal treatment, problematic wisdom teeth that need to be extracted, etc. Make an appointment immediately!
  • Dental Readiness Class 4 (DRC 4) -- You require a dental examination or do not have a dental record. Hence we are not able to validate your true dental readiness. Correct this deficiency today

Dental Readiness Class 3 or 4 places you in a "non-medically ready" category. Please contact us immediately to remedy this situation. Remember- dental readiness is a key component of Soldier readiness and total body wellness. Let us help you maintain yourself in the best possible health!
To check your medical readiness, log into your MEDPROS.

Make a dental appointment by calling the Saunders Dental Clinic at 845-938-3121.


Contact Us

Call to schedule a dental appointment:

Shuttle provided for DENTAC beneficiaries during construction
Construction will occur at, on, and around Building 606, beginning next week (January 18, 2021) for an indefinite period of time. This will result in parking issues for beneficiaries going to Building 606 for dental appointments.

A West Point Shuttle, from Buffalo Soldier Field to Building 606, has been established to facilitate dental beneficiaries that are unable to find parking.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the West Point Shuttle.

We THANK YOU, in advance, for your patience while West Point seeks to improve the buildings/facilities in and around Building 606.

Saunders Dental Clinic
Located in Building 606 on Thayer Road (across from Mahan Hall)

Normal operating hours: M-F: 0700-1530 Sick call, M-F: 0710 Closed for lunch 1100-1130 Closed during “Code Red” (severe weather)

Phone number: 845-938-3121

Hospital Dental Clinic (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

Located in Building 900, Keller Army Community Hospital

Normal operating hours: M-F: 0700-1530 (by referral only)

Phone number: 845-938-4290

Active duty and cadet dental emergencies outside normal operating hours report to Keller Army Community Hospital Emergency Room.

DENTAC USMA does not offer dependent or retiree dental care.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.