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Case Management

Who are Case Managers?

Going home from the hospital after a hospitalization can be confusing for people. Case managers will call you to make sure that all is going well after you are discharged from the hospital. They can assist you in getting follow-up appointments with your Primary Care Manager, in getting the referrals for the post-hospitalization care you need, and in arranging for the necessary health-related equipment ordered by your doctor. They also notify your Primary Care Manager of your discharge and pass along updates on your condition anytime we speak with you, as well as inform him or her of your discharge plans and needs.

The Keller Army Community Hospital Case Management program is integrated into your Primary Care Medical Home. All assigned Case Managers are Registered Nurses who work alongside your Primary Care Manager (PCM) ready and available to assist with your complex medical care management. Case Management is a process that involves a team of health care professionals who help patients and their families gain control over their illness, traumatic injury or complex medical situations.

They can help:
  • Provide advocacy, support, and education
  • Reduce burden and streamline appropriate utilization of care
  • ePartner with members of your healthcare team to assist in coordination of your healthcare needs
  • Monitoring for progress and desired outcomes

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