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COVID-19 Vaccination Information

CLICK HERE for up-to-date information on Keller Army Community Hospital/West Point Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine information.

West Point Influenza Vaccine Drive begins November 1, 2021

Keller Army Community Hospital encourages our beneficiaries to get the influenza vaccine. While the flu vaccine will not protect you against COVID-19, it will help reduce the overall impact of possible respiratory illnesses for you and others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, the flu vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of illness, hospitalization, and death from an influenza infection.

The West Point Influenza Vaccination Community Events are scheduled for November 1st (Monday), 2nd (Tuesday), and 9th (Tuesday), 2021, at Ike Hall (Building 655) from 0800-1700.
It is critical and essential that everyone – active duty service members, active duty families, and other beneficiaries – are well-protected from influenza.

Active Duty Service Members (ADSMs):

  • Active Duty and Guard/Reserve members are “required” to get the flu vaccine.
  • ADSMs and Guard/Reserve members – outside of West Point – are highly recommended to come to one of the November events at Ike Hall.
  • If an ADSM cannot make one of the November events, they can make an appointment to receive the flu vaccine by calling the Keller Appointment Line at (845) 938-7992 or (800) 552-2907.
ADSMs, Guard/Reserve members who obtain the flu vaccine must follow the respective service policy guidance for recording the vaccine in your shot record. You’ll need the following information:
  • Date the vaccine was given
  • Vaccine name or code
  • Manufacturer
  • Lot number

Active Duty Family Members/Beneficiaries:

  • If you are unable to get the flu vaccine at one of the November events, you can visit any participating network pharmacy or a TRICARE-authorized provider. Visit for more information. 
  • If you obtain the flu vaccine from anywhere besides Keller, we suggest you call ahead to assure they accept TRICARE (or your form of insurance). Additionally, please provide the following information to your PCM, so the vaccination can be updated in your records: date given, vaccine name or code, manufacturer, and lot number.
Keller Army Community Hospital and West Point Public Health THANKS "YOU" for working to prevent the spread of influenza.

West Point Influenza Vaccine Drive Information


CLICK HERE for information on the 2021-22 West Point Influenza Vaccination Drive for the ADSMs, Guard/Reserve, West Point Community, and Keller beneficiaries.

Making COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

Make appointment

Eligible beneficiaries can schedule a vaccination appointment at


Keller Army Community Hospital, Room 1C20 – between the Pharmacy and the entrance into the Allgood Clinic

Appointment times

  • Every Tuesday – 0830-1230

  • Every Wednesday – 1300-1600

  • Every Friday – 0830-1230

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.