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Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care

Program Description and Goals:

The Army's SUDCC program uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat and provide Service Members, Cadets, and other beneficiaries the education, resources and support they need to overcome the challenges of illicit drug use, prescription medicine and alcohol misuse, abuse or dependency.

The goal of the SUDCC program is to provide an integrated and holistic Behavioral Health care approach to our patients as part of a comprehensive plan to address the patient’s total Behavioral Health needs. Integrated care will maximize the opportunity for a rapid and successful recovery and return to full readiness status.

Methods of Referral:
  • Voluntary - individual seeks help independently (does not require command involvement or official enrollment)
  • Command identification - management refers individual for screening
  • Biochemical identification - individual is referred after a positive urinalysis
  • Medical identification - medical provider/staff refers patient
  • Investigation/Apprehension - result of an incident or UCMJ incident

CLICK HERE for the history of the Army's SUDCC program.

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